Certificate In ASP dot Net

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Certificate In ASP dot Net

What you'll study

We are offering ASP.Net Development to our most precious patrons. ASP AND ASP.NET both are different things asp.net is a new technology which is developed under Microsoft technology and works well with c#. It has the great importance of developing web pages rapidly. In Classic ASP, we were having only six objects and we have only less to learn.

But when we talk about now, in ASP.NET we have around 4,000 classes and 78,000 methods and properties. It's an opportunity for the developers who develop web pages in .net to use these all classes to build up a robust and reliable site using all the resources of .net technology. While we talk about asp.net, it has a tremendous use in web development.

  • Duration: 120 Hrs
  • Course Code: CR-15
  • Skill level: Begin/inter
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Assessments: yes

Our Curriculum

  • Introduction to ASP.Net Language
  • Array, Control & Event
  • ADO.Net Concept
  • Web Service
  • The Structure of SOAP

Frequently Asked Questions

ASP.NET is an open source server-side Web application framework designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.
ASP.NET is a framework generally written in one of two languages - VB script or C#. ASP .NET is a server-side scripting language. Your .aspx pages are just scripts that tell IIS how to render a page.
ADO.NET is a set of computer software components that programmers can use to access data and data services from the database. It is a part of the base class library that is included with the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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