Diploma In Multimedia

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Diploma In Multimedia

What you'll study

Multimedia is a professional field one can choose it to get a challenging career. Diploma in Multimedia is an all time attractive course for those who wish to establish their career in the field concerned with the computer-controlled integration of text, graphics, drawings, still and moving images (Video), animation, audio, and any other media where every type of information can be represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally.

This professional diploma course is designed with covering all the segments of multimedia. We will teach our students with the guidance of a team of expert faculties with long experience both the fields academic and industrial.

Our well designed course will definitely bring them a dream job after successful completion of this diploma. And our placement cell will help them placement assistance.

  • Duration: 360 Hrs
  • Course Code:DP-04
  • Skill level:Begin/inter
  • Certificate:Yes
  • Assessments: yes

Our Curriculum

  • Basic fundamental of adobe illustrator
  • Transforming objects
  • Layer
  • Live Paint & Clipart
  • Blends
  • The CorelDraw Environment
  • Working with text and lines in Corel draw
  • Working with curves in Corel draw
  • Working with color & Bitmap
  • CorelDraw with Web
  • Introducing Dreamweaver
  • Introducing CSS
  • Working with Cascading Style Sheets
  • Working with Templates
  • Working with Images
  • History of TCP/IP
  • World Wide Web (WWW)
  • Intranets and Extranets
  • Internet Security
  • Multimedia
  • The PageMaker Environment
  • Introduction to Windows XP
  • Graphics with Manipulation
  • Spot color & Links
  • Manage File in Window
  • The Photoshop Environment
  • Tools Introduction
  • Layer
  • Blending and Compositing
  • Painting Tools- Intro & Paint Bucket

Frequently Asked Questions

Multimedia is simply multiple forms of media(text and graphics and sound etc)integrated together.
Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement.
Multimedia hardware basically consists of video and sound cards, and cd-rom drives. To make it a little easier multimedia kits are available that include all the necessary hardware and software to upgrade your present computer(s).
The software used to create multimedia experiences can be placed into 3 distinct categories: Audio Software, Graphics Software, Video Software

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