Master Diploma In Information Technology

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Master Diploma In Information Technology

What you'll study

This Course to furnish the industry standards of competency, student of this department are explored to the opportunity of developing software and websites.

To bridge the gap between the industry and classroom, students are often explored to industry interface where they learn the live concept of technical expertise. To this regard student of this department are offered to do research in the area of Algorithms and Complexity, Artificial Intenlligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Network, Data Base System, Data Miniing, Operating Systems and Verification System, Embedded System, Programming Language and Compilers etc.

  • Duration: 360 Hrs
  • Course Code:MS-03
  • Skill level:Begin/inter
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Assessments: yes

Our Curriculum

  • The CorelDraw Environment
  • Working with text and lines in Corel draw
  • Working with curves in Corel draw
  • Working with color & Bitmap
  • CorelDraw with Web
  • Introduction to Computers
  • System Software & Application Software
  • Conversion
  • Basic Computer Organization
  • Introduction to Networking
  • History of TCP/IP)
  • World Wide Web (WWW)
  • Intranets and Extranets
  • Internet Security
  • Multimedia
  • Introduction to Java Language
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Exception
  • Basic Computer Organization
  • Introduction to AWT programming
  • Introduction of C Language
  • Function, Array, Pointer & Structure
  • Characteristic of C++
  • Operator Overloading, Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Streams
  • Introduction to Relational Databases and Oracle SQL
  • Function
  • Sub Queries
  • Introduction to PL/SQL Programming
  • PL/SQL Package
  • The PageMaker Environment
  • Introduction to Windows XP
  • Graphics with Manipulation
  • Spot color & Links
  • Manage File in Window
  • Introduction to MS Word
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Produce Dynamic Presentation with PowerPoint
  • The Photoshop Environment
  • Tools Introduction
  • Layer
  • Blending and Compositing
  • Painting Tools- Intro & Paint Bucket
  • Introduction to Windows XP
  • Windows XP
  • Manage File in Window

Frequently Asked Questions

An intranet is a private network that is contained within an enterprise. It may consist of many interlinked local area networks and also use leased lines in the wide area network. Typically, an intranet includes connections through one or more gateway computers to the outside Internet. The main purpose of an intranet is to share company information and computing resources among employees. An intranet can also be used to facilitate working in groups and for teleconferences.
An extranet is a private network that uses Internet technology and the public telecommunication system to securely share part of a business's information or operations with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers, or other businesses. An extranet can be viewed as part of a company's intranet that is extended to users outside the company.

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